songs we sing at refuge

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Books for Refuge Kids and Parents:

Books mentioned in sermons

Mentioned in Sunday, June 4 sermon on Acts 15:1-11:22-29 - Gospel Clarity

Mentioned in Sunday, August 27 sermon on Psalm 125 - Safe, Surrounded, and Secure

Mentioned in Sunday, August 6 sermon on Psalm 11 - Expectation

Mentioned in Sunday, September 10 sermon on Acts 18:1-17, Stop Being Afraid and Do not be Silent

Mentioned in Sunday, September 17 sermon on Acts 19:18-41, The Gospel and idols

Mentioned in Sunday, October 8 sermon on Acts 27:1-26, God Over the Storm

Mentioned in Sunday, November 5 sermon on Acts 28:11-31, The Unstoppable Gospel

Mentioned in Sunday, November 26 sermon on Isaiah 61:1-4, Oaks of Righteousness

Mentioned in Sunday, December 24 sermon on Isaiah 9:1-7, Prince of Peace

Mentioned in Sunday, January 21 Basic Christian Living: The Gospel

Mentioned in Sunday, January 28 Basic Christian Living: The Church

Mentioned in February 18 + February 25 sermon on Basic Christian Living: Authority, Christian Code of Conduct


Mentioned in Sunday March 3 Basic Christian Living: Discipleship and Discipline

Mentioned in Sunday April 7 Basic Christian Living: Prayer (part 2)

Mentioned in May 27 sermon on Matthew 5:8, The Pure in Heart

Mentioned in June 17 sermon on Matthew 5:13-16, Salt + Light

Mentioned in July 15 sermon on Matthew 5:27-30, Adultery, Lust, and the Way of Jesus

Mentioned in August 12 sermon on Matthew 6:5-8, Praying With Jesus : Part - How Not to Pray

Mentioned in August 26 sermon on Matthew 6:16-18-8, Fasting and the Way of Jesus

Mentioned in September 9 sermon on Matthew 6:19-34, Living Simply for Kingdom Gain

Mentioned in September 23 sermon on Matthew 7:7-12, The Generosity of God

Mentioned in November 4 sermon on Matthew 7:24-27, Building the Kingdom