Biblical literacy rates have dropped over the years even though general literacy rates have risen. If we do not read the Bible, then we will not know it. And if we do not know the Bible, we cannot know and follow God in his Way that is revealed in it.

The Year of Biblical Literacy (YOBL) is a collaborative project between Reality San Francisco and Bridgetown Church in Portland, in partnership with The Bible Project and Read Scripture. The project launched in 2016 as a way to help churches, small groups, and individuals move through the story of God starting in Genesis and ending in Revelation. In short, this is a comprehensive resource designed to guide people through the practice of reading the Bible. Visit the YOBL website to learn more.

Refuge will be dedicating the year 2019 to reading the Bible cover to cover together as a church body. Our hope is that each and every member of Refuge will join us. The YOBL is more than a reading plan. It attempts to balance head, heart, and hands. Intellectually stimulating questions are matched with both emotional reflection and inquiries into actionable steps for a proactive faith. You can expect to have discussions that make you think, be vulnerable, and practically apply what you have learned and experienced throughout the year.

getting started

On January 1, 2019 Refuge will begin this year long endeavor. Go here to learn how to get started. There are also some very helpful intro videos available. You can view Reality San Francisco’s Intro video to this series or watch the Read Scripture Intro video.

the Reading Plan

You can access the daily reading plan by downloading this PDF or the Read Scripture app.

going further

In addition to the reading plan, there are many additional resources and tools to enrich your reading and study experience. Explore videos, discussion material, sermon series, lecture series, and more.

We’ve created group study questions to guide you through small group discussion. Click the button below to access this brief guide.

sunday mornings at refuge

Every Sunday morning during 2019, the sermon will reflect this reading plan. They will loosely follow the daily reading plan which means we’ll be learning at a relatively similar place to where we are in the readings throughout the year.