“Bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ.”

Galatians 6:2

What does that mean? How do I help a friend who just lost someone they love? What can I do for someone who is feeling low? What could I say when my friends' marriage is breaking up? Would I be able to help a brother or sister who worries all of the time? Can I learn to be a better listener? How will I know if I need to help someone get professional care beyond my capacity? What do I with someone who seems to be manipulating and taking advantage of me? These and many other crucial questions will be addressed in a half-day, practical workshop led by Mike Wilcox, a professional clinical counselor who is also a part of our Refuge family.

In Part 1 we focused on the foundational principles and skills of bearing one another's burdens. In Part 2, we looked specifically at walking with each other in times of sadness, anger, or fear. We hope that by listening to the audio recordings below, you will better learn how to help each other navigate life's challenges.

Listen to an audio recording from part 1 on february 23, 2019

listen to an audio recording from part 2 on july 13, 2019