Along with reading through the Bible as a church community this year, the Refuge Ladies are going to be studying the book of James, written by one who knew Jesus from a very unique and an incredibly personal perspective. Complimenting the study of scripture with its strong, overarching emphasis on not just hearing the words, but obeying also, they will also study the topics of:

  • Joy

  • Hardship

  • Faith

  • Reversal of fortunes for rich and poor

  • Wisdom

  • Gifts from above

  • Single-mindedness

  • The dangers of the tongue

  • Humility

  • Prayer

join the ladies of Refuge for this 8-session series Beginning Monday, February 25.

Hosted at Refuge Christian Fellowship, this series will continue through Monday, June 17. Every evening that the ladies meet, they will gather for a meal at 6:30 followed by a video then a small group discussion.

Please register online before attending. The cost to attend is $22. Your registration will cover the cost of the study guide written by author and Bible teacher Beth Moore, and other study materials. By registering for this series, you provide us with the contact info we need to keep you informed. The ladies primarily communicate via email and Facebook. To join the Facebook group, search for Refuge Ladies on Facebook. 

If you’d like to learn more about this series, you can watch the promo video here and read more about the study on Lifeway’s website.