Suggested Resources for the Refuge Congregation

Use this page to peruse a curated playlist of songs we sing on Sunday mornings, suggested reading for adults + children, a list of sources mentioned in Sunday sermons, and supplementary prayer + fasting materials for 2019’s 12 Days of Fasting.

songs we sing at refuge

Find a list of some of our favorite songs on our Spotify playlist here. Don't have Spotify? Download it here

Recommended Reading for the Refuge Congregation

Visit our “Recommended Reading for the Refuge Congregation” Amazon Idea List. This list is full of recommended reading for the Refuge congregation. Most of these books have been mentioned in sermons while others are simply great books we recommend everyone read

Recommended Reading for Refuge Kids and Parents

Visit our “Recommended Reading for Refuge Kids and Parents: Amazon Idea List. This list is comprised of suggested reading for families wishing to involve their children in reading, parents needing some guidance on parenting itself, or suggested reading for kids themselves.