Summer of Psalms 2017

This Sunday, July 9 we'll begin our series through the book of Psalms. Showing up on Sunday morning is only half of the equation - to truly soak in the Word of God, you gotta do a little bit of personal reflection and study,  So we've put together a short list of tools for you to check out as your prepare yourself for this Summer of Psalms series.

  • If you've been around Refuge for the past few years, then you know that this isn't our first time indulging in a little alliteration - the Summer of Psalms is quickly becoming a much anticipated tradition. Back in June of 2015, Char wrote an introductory blog post to the series. Check it out here
  • For an excellent overview of this book, check out the book of Psalms outlined and explained with animation. This video was created by the Bible Project - a non-profit that creates videos that show the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus. 
  • Looking to do some personal studying that parallels with Sunday morning's teachings? She Reads Truth offers two studies on the Psalms Psalms of Ascent Study Book  & "Psalms of Gratitude" Study Book. Guys, He Reads Truth also offers a study of the Psalms - Psalms of Ascent Legacy Book

Be looking to our Facebook as we continue to share other resources for personal reflection and study as we meditate on the Psalms this summer.