An update from the Soderstroms

In January of this year, Andy and Kathy Soderstrom joined New Mission Systems International as missionary affiliates to Africa. They are working with their African partners at Frontier Force Christian Ministries to multiply and develop healthy churches in the rural villages of Uganda. As you may recall, Max and Nicolai had the opportunity to join the Soderstroms in January on their trip to Uganda.  You can read more about that here

Andy and Kathy provide regular updates about their ongoing ministry in Africa. We've featured their latest newsletter from May 6.

An update from Kathy

I am so excited to be joining the sweet brothers & sisters at Madudu house of Prayer where we will be holding the next Pastors leadership Conference this week. We will be teaching them on "Grasping God’s Word". So it is only appropriate that Andy & Cyprian are preaching the Word this morning.  Amidst the lightning & thundering of rainy season showers, we are thankful for the "blessing" of provision for the sustaining of life-giving crops and green pastures for the livestock.

It is so sweet to be among Christians who have the Joy of the Lord! Whether they literally come to Worship not knowing where their next meal is coming from, or their Father has just died and they are now suddenly the head of the home as a young adult and not knowing what is next, or the family missing their elderly matriarch who is with Jesus.  They come just as in Nehemiah's day to Praise and Pray, including confession of sin, to Prepare their heart to be with Jesus and the reading of His Word that it might be sown in their hearts!

This a great encouragement to me! So no matter what I maybe facing today..., this week...or month... may I also seek Jesus and His Word! When you see the word enCOURAGE have you also seen courage? When you remember our friends & fellow saints at Madudu so that no matter what lies ahead for you, may you also be encouraged. May you have Courage, dear friend!

Burning Bibles in Uganda

There is a big controversy currently going on in Uganda over Bible Burning.  There is a well known city pastor who is burning King James Bibles over the use of the term "Holy Ghost".  The word has a different meaning today in east Africa than it did hundreds of years ago.  Our goal this week is to learn how to properly understand God's Word and to avoid unfortunate misunderstandings like this one. Our teaching is based on "Grasping God's Word" by J. Scott Duvall and J. Daniel Hayes