The Bible is clear that the gospel and the community it shapes is not simply demonstrated by Sunday mornings. The gospel has the power to push outwards and transform all aspects of life. Whether it is work, play, or family life we have ministries and teams that will allow you to serve, connect, and grow. 

There are three requirements volunteers must meet: salvation, membership, and pursuing holiness.

  • A volunteer must be born again, meaning he/she already has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and is actively following Him.
  • A volunteer must be an active member of Refuge
  • A volunteer must be actively pursuing holiness. If there is ongoing sin and immaturity, the individual is not fit to be an example to the community at Refuge.

Fill out an application or browse ministry descriptions below


nomadic shelter

Volunteers on our Nomadic Shelter team have the opportunity to partner with the Redwood Gospel Mission in providing a meal and place to stay overnight for the Mission’s overflow guests during the winter months. All Nomadic guests are pre-screened by the Mission. Members of the team can be Christ’s hands and feet in a number of ways: by setting up for the meal, by preparing and/or serving food, or by engaging in conversations while sharing the meal. All guests are supervised by RGM staff. This is a great opportunity to serve as a family for those with children 9 and older.


refuge kids

Volunteers in Refuge Kids minister to children of many ages. Most ministry occurs during our Sunday service and occasionally includes activities throughout the month. Volunteers serve by checking kids in, teaching in the classroom, assisting a classroom leader, or working in the nursery.


Volunteers serve by playing music or singing (sometimes both!) during our Sunday services and special events.



Refuge is a church that believes in meeting together regularly to pray for our church, our city, and the world at large. Volunteers provide opportunities for the church to be intentional in the ministry of prayer and cast vision for how we pray together as a church.


sunday setup

Volunteers serve behind the scenes. They take care of the church building by ensuring that it’s clean and ready for our Sunday service, prepping communion & coffee, and ensuring that everything is running smoothly throughout the morning.



Volunteers connect with people & make them feel welcome. These volunteers are some of the first people our visitors will meet at our weekend services and events. They greet people at the door, help them find seats, & answer questions about the service/facilities.


food ministry

Volunteers provide the food on Sunday mornings & special events throughout the year. Anytime there’s an opportunity to munch on something together, the hospitality team is usually working behind the scenes to make sure we have some delicious options.



Volunteers serve behind the screen and ensure that the church is informed & inspired by the information shared online. They organize the church website, engage with congregants on social media, and share content that gives the church body opportunities to encounter Christ.



Volunteers serve by facilitating the audio and visual materials at a service or special event. Everything that’s projected or broadcasted is handled by this team. They take care of stage setup, the podcast recording, slide preparation, and managing the sound of the audio content.



Volunteers organize events for the children and adults of Refuge. They facilitate events like summer BBQs, holiday celebrations, and other church events. These volunteers help make sure that events are planned with great care and thought. 

men's fellowship

men's fellowship

Volunteers on the Men's Fellowship team help facilitate this bi-monthly gathering for the men at Refuge. Volunteers are needed to help set up, prepare food, and provide leadership.  



women's fellowship

Volunteers on the Women's Fellowship team help facilitate this bi-monthly gathering for the ladies at Refuge. Volunteers are needed to help set up + tear down, prepare food, and provide leadership.