Working for one another's good and for the glory of God

What is the church? Why does the church actually exist? Who leads the church? Who serves the church? What are the rules of the church? Who is the church - who are its members and who are not? These are the questions that we work through in our six week series dedicated to understanding what it means to be members of the household of God. 

If you are interested in becoming a member of Refuge Christian Fellowship, we've created this page for you. To become a member you must: 

  • Listen to the membership series
  • Review the Membership Agreement and write down questions or thoughts that come to mind
  • Meet with one of the elders for confirmation of membership
  • Be presented before the congregation on a Sunday morning

Please take some time to work through the series of sermons below and as you do so, write down questions or thoughts that come to mind. 

The Church

The gospel

  Christian Code of Conduct

 discipleship and discipline  


Unity & Ministry

Membership Agreement

After listening to the series, the next step is to review the Membership Agreement. You can also listen to the final installment of our membership series - the Sunday that we reviewed the Membership Agreement as a church.

Final Steps

So you've done your homework and you're ready to meet up with one of the elders? Great! Contact us to schedule a time to meet up. 

As an optional final step, you can be baptized. We encourage any believer who is a member of Refuge and has not been baptized to do so!