Save the Storks: Trista's Story

Yesterday we had the pleasure of hearing from Trista Eazell. In addition to being a member of Refuge, Trista is a Save the Storks Ambassador. Her mother was only 13 when Trista was born and when Trista turned 7, she learned that her birth mother was in a coma due to a heroin overdose. 


I am a statistic. I was supposed to end up just like my mother. She was scared, a victim of abuse, drugs and her father in prison. Everyone said that I would ruin her life, that she would ruin my life, and that she should terminate me. We had a really hard beginning - my grandmother abandoned us in a motel. 

A woman had become Trish's mentor at an after school teen mom program. She and her husband visited us in the group home, took us on trips during the weekend and simply loved us. They soon decided to become out foster parents and in doing so they saved my life.



I am happy to share with you how Save the Storks is changing pro-life to pro-love and how YOU can help change someone's life.

  1. Save the Storks is REACHING women facing an unplanned pregnancy right where they are with our state of the art  Mercedes-Benz mobile medical units that offer free sonograms, pregnancy tests and STD testing. We make our MMU's beautiful because women are beautiful. We park our units near abortion clinics and the women are greeted with compassion, love and not anger or condemnation. 
  2. Save the Storks is RESOURCING pregnancy resource centers across the country. We work with the centers to provide counseling, a sonographer and resources to a community that gives support during and post pregnancy. We help the women to keep their babies. We put their babies up for adoption. And we provide post-abortive support and counseling. When a woman boards the Stork bus she gets to see her baby and hear its heartbeat on surround sound. 90% of women who hear their baby's’ heartbeat choose life! Four out of five women who board our busses feel they have the support to keep their baby.
  3. Storks is REIMAGINING what it means to be pro-life. We are pro-love. There is no picketing, politicking, or trying to defund anyone. This isn't a Republican, Democrat or Libertarian movement. We aren't anti anything or anyone. We are pro-people. Pro-mothers. Pro-fathers. Pro-women.

One out of three women will have an abortion in their lifetime and that statistic doesn't change when you walk into a church. Save the Storks is helping women have options, support, and love. They are living out the gospel. Instead of turning to anger we let our grief and brokenness on the heartache of abortion drive us to bring hope and love.

Because my parents were pro-love and chose to support my birth mom and I, when Trish left me with them, they followed her wishes and adopted me. They changed my life by living out what it means to love as Jesus does. I didn't end up in a coma from a drug overdose, instead today I am a part of this beautiful community, have a loving family and am among 2% of former foster children to graduate college. One action of love can save someone's life.


Would you like to join me in being pro-love to the hurting and vulnerable? Save the Storks  has 25 busses on the road all over the country, and 18 in production. But we cannot get these resources out to women without your support. For $30/mo you can help one woman have the support and love that she needs.

I believe that if my mom at thirteen and pregnant came to you today and asked you for help, you would help her. You can help women exactly like her.
When you partner with us you aren't simply becoming a donor but you join our family. You get T-shirts, we pray for you, and you get to hear directly about the lives that you are changing.

Change a life today.