Work as Worship Retreat

On February 23, join thousands of business leaders across the country for a full 1-day retreat to hear from experts, be encouraged, and discuss how to connect your faith and work.

Who is this retreat for?

We encourage Christian business owners, CEOs & leaders who want their faith to impact their work to attend. The Work as Worship Retreat is a chance to interact with other Christian men and women who lead businesses in our community. In addition, you will hear rich content with biblical teaching and practical advice from seasoned Christian speakers.

is this event limited to refuge members only?

No, this event is open to anyone in our community who would like to attend. In fact, we will be partnering with SOMA Church Community to host this event. Please pass this invitation along to anyone who you think would benefit from attending. 

will this retreat be hosted at refuge?

Yes, it will be hosted at Refuge Christian Fellowship, 791 Lombardi Ct., Santa Rosa, CA 95407. 

What will the day consist of?

We'll kick off this event at 7:30am on Friday, February 23. Including 3 sessions and 2 breaks, the day will conclude at 2:30pm.  

who are the speakers?

What is the cost to attend and what does that include?

The cost to attend is $25/person and includes admission to the event, a light breakfast, lunch, and resources. 

how do i register to attend?

Visit the Work as Worship Retreat website and type in our zip code "95407." You may notice that the venue is listed as SOMA Church Community. That is the name that the website has our location listed under, so go ahead and register for that venue.

how do i get my ticket?

Once you have finished registering and submitting your order, you will receive a receipt email and a separate ticket email. Each of the attendees that you registered will also receive their own separate ticket email for the event. 

Where can I read more about this event?

To read all about this event, visit the Work as Worship website. You can also visit their FAQ Page