As a church we are focused on two ways to serve with resources: Relief and Recovery. These are a few of the ways that you can assist in this effort:

volunteer your resources

You can assist monetarily or by giving of your time and other resources. Let us know how you'd like to help by completing this brief survey. We also posted a blog concerning peer to peer donations discussing why we would direct people to give through the church rather than direct funding programs. 

volunteer at refuge:

It is overwhelmingly wonderful to see the surge of people who want to help. We are grateful for people's passion, generosity, and desire to give. Thank you! At this time, however, we are not accepting physical donations nor do we need volunteers. Because there are so many organizations dedicated to immediate relief, we have decided to take a step back and strongly consider how we can be serving our church + community in the long run. Please continue to monitor this page, our social media, and newsletter for further information. 

If you have any questions about helping in this way, you can contact us at [email protected]