Nomadic Shelter

A local mission at Refuge Christian Fellowship

Nomadic Shelter is a partnership with the Redwood Gospel Mission (RGM) where, during the winter months, local churches provide a meal and place to stay for the night for a group of overflow guests.

Who should serve?

  • Couples and individuals of any age or season of life.

  • Families with children aged 6 and up.

  • Student Ministries youth (with parent permission).

  • Those who would like to prepare and deliver food are also needed and welcome!

What does Nomadic Shelter at Refuge look like?

Volunteers begin arriving at approximately 5pm. We set out tables and chairs for our dinner guests. Others bring food for the meal (usually salad, a main dish, drinks and dessert), and the food is set out for our guests. Shortly before the guests arrive, we pray as a group for the evening’s activities and interactions.

The Mission guests are transported to Refuge by RGM staff members and arrive by 6pm. All hands are on deck as we greet our guests and help them to feel welcome. Sleeping mats and bedding are unloaded and stacked for later. After a brief welcome and prayer, we serve dinner and eat with our guests. We listen to their stories and show them Christ’s love. After dinner, we clean up and help the guests set out sleeping mats, bedding and get settled for the night.

RGM staff members stay with and supervise the guests from the time they arrive until they pack up and leave early the next morning. Nomadic Shelter guests are pre-screened at the Mission before being sent to the churches (no felonies, no intoxication or drugs, no pedophiles or significant behavior problems). They have had the opportunity to shower and select a few personal items to bring with them for the night. They are folks just like us—young and old, married and unmarried, singles, couples and families—just looking for a place to stay for the night.

2019-2020 Nomadic Dates

  • Sunday, October 13

  • Friday, November 15

  • Sunday, December 29

  • Sunday, March 29