Moving Details

when/Where is Refuge moving?

Refuge has relocated to 791 Lombardi Ct., Santa Rosa, CA 95407. Our first service will be on September 3 at 5:30pm

Why is refuge moving?

After the past 8 years of meeting at 525 5th St., the Lord has made it abundantly clear that we have outgrown our space. We are moving to a facility that will better equip us to minister to the community of Refuge as well as the community of Santa Rosa. 

Why is refuge meeting at night instead of sunday mornings?

The Promise Center church currently holds their services in the mornings and they have allowed us to hold our service in the evenings for at least the month of September, or until they are fully moved out and we are fully moved in. We hope to plan a few fun opportunities to eat dinner together and fellowship in ways that mornings do not provide.   

How can i stay informed so I don't miss opportunities to fellowship and serve?

Make sure to sign up for our newsletter. We'll be sharing the details as they develop. 

Where can I learn more about this move?

You can listen to the announcement we shared with the church on Sunday, August 13. While it covers the information provided on this page, it also goes into greater detail about the overall transition.