Missions at Refuge Christian Fellowship

Missions is a continued propagation of the upward call by Jesus to reach Jerusalem, Samaria, and Uttermost Parts of The Earth (UPTE). Refuge Christian Fellowship regards any endeavor to evangelize the unsaved, disciple followers of Jesus, or minister to those in need in the name of Jesus to be in fulfillment of the Commission given by Jesus.

The focus that Refuge has taken in regards to Missions is Discipleship in the context of the Church. (Matthew 28:19, Acts 1:6-8, 1Tim. 3:15, Titus 1:5) We believe the role of the Sending Church is fourfold: Supplication, Sending, Supervision, and Support.

Refuge maintains a general Missions Fund drawn from the General Fund, so giving to Refuge means giving to Missions. In addition, Refuge accepts funds specifically for Missions and particular Missions projects and endeavors. Refuge may also engage in efforts to raise funds for missions efforts. 

Anyone saved by grace in the Household of God can be a missionary as all believers are called to make disciples as they are going about life.

* For a more detailed explanation on Refuge’s Missions Stance and how Missions funds are handled, click here


Current Missions Projects and Collaborations

refuge goes to Uganda

UPTE - Timothy Ministry

PROJECT - Uganda ’19

Frontier Force Christian Ministries

January 17 - January 31, 2019

This ministry is in partnership with Frontier Force Christian Ministries and will include Preaching and Teaching at two multi-Church Conferences and Pastor’s Q/A meetings. There are opportunities for Men’s, Women’s, Youth, and Children’s ministries as well and we will participate in the normal weekly and daily ministries of the churches affiliated with Frontier Force Christian Ministries including many work projects as the Lord allows.

Wiki, Lonely Planet

Nomadic Shelter

Nomadic Shelter is a partnership with the Redwood Gospel Mission (RGM) where, during the winter months, local churches provide a meal and place to stay for the night for a group of overflow guests.

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Head on over to our Nomadic Shelter page to learn more.

Royal Family Kids

LOCAL: Tychicus Ministry


This ministry is a beautiful example of graceful response to what God has done for us in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Royal Family Kids serves Sonoma County’s foster care needs through mentorship, RFK Summer Camp, and training and placement for foster parenting. Our hope is that your heart will be stirred to pray, and that if God puts it on your heart - you would serve and get involved with Royal Family Kids.

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The primary purpose of Royal Family KIDS Camp is to give foster children ages 6-12 a week of positive memories and royal treatment in a Christian Camp environment. If you would like to get involved in this ministry, let us know

Alex Radford with Mercy Ships

UPTE - Tychicus, Timothy Ministry

Project - Guinea '18

October 2018 - February 2019

A Floating Hospital in Guinea, Western Africa

Many people in Africa have little or no access to healthcare. There are only 2.5 physicians per 10,000 people in Africa, compared to 25 physicians per 10,000 in the U.S. So the Africa Mercy brings volunteer medical teams and sterile operating rooms directly to people who would otherwise go without care.

It’s the world’s largest civilian hospital ship providing state-of-the-art care to those in desperate need—free of charge.

Alex has the wonderful opportunity to return to the ship and continue to serve the needy with her skills as a nurse and the with the hope of Jesus. 

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Burns in Japan 

Tim, Chie, Mitsuki, Emi, & Mei Burns with J.E.M.S. 

UPTE - Paul Ministry

The Burns are church planters in the city of Nagoya. Tim is the college minister at Nissin Christ Church, and Chie is a Biblical counselor working with “Life Hope Network”, a crisis pregnancy outreach in the city. Working with their team from Nissin Church, the Burns have recently begun work on a new church plant in their neighboring city of Nagakute, one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Please pray for a great harvest in years to come. Pray for Tim, Chie, their son Mitsuki and daughters Emi and Mei.

We are grateful to God that the team is growing. Naoki Yoshimura has been the pastor of a church in Tokyo for the last 10 years. He, his wife Kumiko, and their 2 daughters Aki (3) and Miyu (1) recently moved to Nagoya in order to join our church planting effort. Darlene Johnson, their other partner, has been working in Japan for the last 15 years. Her experience will be invaluable to their team. 

Ministry Summary + Opportunities

Motoyama is the crossroads of Nagoya. It’s located where the two largest train lines in the city meet, and on one of the busiest roads in the prefecture. There are three major colleges there. It is a fast growing hub of activity for Nagoya, home to many thousands. There are no protestant churches in this part of the city, which makes it an ideal place to start a new church. Please pray for us as we seek to build relationships here, as we begin our outreach work, and that God would continue to meet our financial needs. Thank God that He’s provided them with space in a beautiful building from which to begin this work! They still need a lot of help in this endeavor. They invite you to consider joining them in Japan for a few months or even a few years (seriously). 

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Our Missions Fund is set up to enable anyone to intend or designate funds for a particular Missions Project. However, offerings and gifts given to a project may be redirected to another Missions Project. 

Most instances of this will be in response to an over-funding of a project. If a Project meets its monetary necessities and still has funds left over, those funds will be redirected to another Missions Project.

While the contribution policy at Refuge Christian Fellowship allows for the leadership at Refuge to use any given funds as needed, it is the desire and intention of the elders at Refuge to use Missions Funds in fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ, whether in a Local or Utter-Most-Parts-of-The-Earth (UPTE) sense.

To God be the Glory, Forever! Amen.